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Monday, November 3, 2008

Jesus Is Not A Republican.

Why do some people think that all Christians are Republicans? At lest that's the impression I am getting. Who ever said that "Republican" must equal "Christian." Many believe Christians have a specific political agenda, more specifically, a conservative Republican agenda. When the term "religious right" is used, everyone knows it's really Republicans that are being referenced. Even "evangelical" is used to connote "conservative Republican." People associate evangelicals with people like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson and the Christian Coalition." How did the word evangelical--from the root "evangelize" meaning "good news," and referring to Jesus' Great Commission to share his teachings and promises with the world--become political terminology?

There are plenty of Christians who feel one must have certain political leanings in order to be a good Christian. One must be a Republican. One must be a conservative (whatever that means). One must be pro-life without reservation. One must oppose gay rights completely. Sometimes these views come direct from the pulpit. What would Jesus do if He was walking among us today? He'd surely address poverty, calling for more social programs and international aid to feed the children worldwide that die from hunger each year. He'd reach out to prostitutes and drug addicts, and embrace people most of us are afraid to touch or even acknowledge. He'd give comfort to AIDS patients and to women who've had abortions. He would speak out against hate crimes. He'd support the preservation of his Father's creation (AKA the environment).

Some argue Jesus would be a liberal today, deeply concerned about righting social wrongs. Personally, I doubt Jesus would register with any political party. During his time on earth, his primary "agenda" wasn't feeding or healing--it was forgiveness. Above all else, he wanted everyone to know they could have a relationship with God. His last words to his disciples were to spread this news. Our primary objective then, as Christians, is to share that love and forgiveness with everyone: welfare moms and A-list celebrities. Skid Row residents and billionaire tycoons. I bet Jesus today would approach each of us individually and ask us to give our best resources to help the homeless, the hungry, the sick, and the hurting. In fact, that's exactly what he instructs in Matthew 25:37-40: