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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Why Did You Choose That Church?

For what reason did you select your church home? Because of: The pastor? The choir? The music? or other things? I am asking because if its anything other than the Word of God then you could be in trouble. I have been living in Jacksonville Fl for almost a year now. Talking about a big difference, especially after coming from a small town in Alabama. I am a jogger who would jog every day except on Sunday but, since moving to Jacksonville that has ended. The crime rate here is mine blowing for me. Anyway, the first church I attend in Jacksonville was Bethel Baptist Institutional were I heard Pastor Rudolph McKissick Jr preached. The church is one of the most influential Black churches in Jacksonville. The church has about 9,000 members with a great youth movement. I grew up in the traditional black baptist church and wouldn't take nothing for my time spent there. If you ever want to experience the traditional black church experience Bethel is the place to be from Sr. to Jr. both can bring the Word. The worship experience at Bethel was wonderful and Rev. McKissick did what he was call to do, he feed the people of God. But, during the past summer Rev. McKissick had surgery to remove bone spurs from his spine. During, surgery doctors had to move his vocal cords to the side which eneded up causing his vocal cords to become paralyzed. He cannot preach nor sing right now. The church have been bringing in others to preach but it's not going over well with some of the flock. From my understanding the numbers are dropping at Bethel. It has alot to do with Jr. not being able to sing nor preach. Don't get me wrong Sr. does a wonderful job of bringing the Word. Maybe its the age I don't no. For me I love how Sr. conduct worship in that old church style. I know some are not please with the absence of Jr. I know this because I attend a small church on the Eastside of Jacksonville were my son-in-law is the pastor. For a couple of Sundays now we had vistors from Bethel. Some say they are looking for a new church home why others are just visting. So that brings me back to my original question for what reason did you choose your church? Was it for The Pastor? The Choir? The Music are other things?

PS, I don't write for a living so in love over look the run-on sentences, the grammar mistakes and receive the point that was being made. All things change but the Word stay the same.