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Friday, August 15, 2008

Isaac Hayes And The Teaching Of Scientology.

I was reading a article about Isaac Hayes and Scientology. I am trying to understand what makes a person leave the Christian faith especially after growing up in the faith. Scientology was founded by L.Ron Hubbard and he taught that the immortal soul--or "thetan" --passes from one body to the next through reincarnations over trillions of years. When a person dies, Hubbard said the thetan goes to a landing station on Venus where it is programmed with lies about its past life and its next one. Hubbard taught his followers to choose a location other than Venus. When I heard Isaac Hayes was a Scientologist it was hard for me to wrap my mine around it. He just didn't fit that mold. The church of Scientology seems beyond bizarre to me. Hayes grew up in the Baptist and Pentecostal church where Jesus walked with Hayes along with hustlers and dealers. He was baptized in the Christian faith at an early age. Hayes became the Black Moses of Memphis Soul, a funky blend of gospel and blues, church and street, sacred and profane. In 1997, Hayes and Lisa Marie Presley funded a Scientology mission church in Memphis. Later that year, they threw a Christmas party at the church for inner city children. Hayes saw something in Scientology that he thought would help inner-city children. He was introduced to Hubbard's work in the mid-1990s by Rev. Alfreddie Johnson, a former Baptist pastor who joined Scientology after the L.A. riots in 1992. At Johnson's urging, Hayes took two Dianetics classes, "The Ups and Downs of Life" and "Personal Values and Integrity." Hayes said "These were the tools that I been looking for, to improve my life and other people's lives," that Scientology is the key to life and total freedom. The minute that I started doing these courses and things, I started pulling in all kinds of wonderful jobs. It's the key to my survival. Knowledge about one's self is always the key to one's survival." Hayes joined Johnson's World Literacy Crusade, an organization that uses Hubbard's "study technology" to promote literacy inner-city neighborhoods. I still don't have an answer as to why, O well.