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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Look To You!

If you wanted to see a person who has or had a strong relationship with Christ (even if she has fallen down)look no farther that Whitney Houston. In my opinion Whitney Houston is singing from a place of brokenness with this new album especially the title cut I look to you....Now I know the world that celebrates success doesn't see value in broken things. But guess what God brings beauty out of brokenness...For a plant to rise from the soil the seed must be broken...For a baby chick to learn to respond to experience larger life the shell must be broken...Even a thoroughbred horse must be broken....Brokenness is the work of Christ by which He strips us of self-sufficiency so that the character of Him may shine through us....Now don't misunderstand; being broken doesn't necessarily mean experiencing some tragedy....Many people suffer tragedy without drawing closer to God or even acknowledging Him... But that's not the case of Whitney...The
legendary diva Whitney Houston is gracing the cover of Ebony’s October ‘09 issue...Which is set to hit stores on today.... The singer’s new album ‘I Look To You’ was released Aug 31st. Whitney reveals to the magazine that her faith in God is what helped her to pull through during testing times...She also mention how she stayed out of the public eye to spend time with her mother and raise her 16-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina (“I was just ready to lay back and raise my daughter and just watch her grow and nurture her. And my mother’s getting older. I wanted to spend more time with my mom [because during] most of my 20s and 30s, I was dealing with making records and traveling the world and being this thing, icon, you know - whatever this has turned into”). More importantly, she effectively used that time to battle her demons (drugs & deadbeat ex-hubby Bobby Brown)…I’m really happy I am one who is happy that Ms. Houston is getting her act together.... Whitney seems to be buzzing with this new lease on life...Her new album may not be that great but I still want to see her thrive and win....The thing with brokenness is not so much our circumstances, but our response...What is God trying to teach us?..True brokenness is when Jesus strips us of self-sufficiency to the extent that we've no strength left to fix ourselves...When Jesus blocks every exit we try to take and we come to see that He alone is our answer, we make a life changing discovery... "And what's that you ask.... When Jesus is all you have Jesus is all you need! Bottom line: God's power is reserved for those who have given up trying to do it in their own strength or to accomplish it for their own ends. "PS" in the old church we would call this a testimony!