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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Is Congregational Worship Dying?

Have you ever been in  church service and notice the"builder "older generation  not participating  in the worship service? The most under appreciated generation in current worship trends is the builders seniors' generation...Anyone who has been up in a  church...Even if not but one Sunday knows how important singing is as an act of Christian worship....Recently though there has been a deep shift in the music found in most churches.....I believe many churches in an  effort to be more inclusive in worship have almost excluded  a entire generation of people...It seems hypocritical for the church to claim to be "open to all those who believe" but not allow  for the spiritual impact the "builders"  can have in the church body..... According to some churches, hymns are no longer relevant.....This styles  of worship is out dated, and for some even their translation of the Bible has been replaced by a Amplified, The Message, NIV  paraphrased version....I grew up listening to my grandmother sing old hymns inside and outside of the church house.
  1. Blessed Assurance
  2. I'm Saved
  3. I love Him Because he first love me
  4. A mighty Fortress is our God
  5. Holy Holy Holy
  6. Crown him with many crowns
  7. Oh how i love Jesus
  8. Precious lord
  10. All Hail the power of Jesus Name
  11. You brought me lord/How much I owe
  12. I need thee
  13.  Shine on me
Hymns contain our history and they tell stories.... These are the songs that were  written by the  builders generations of Christians before us.....Hymns  tell  us in such a wonderful way the  story of Christ’s and all He did on our behalf...Hymns are a testimony of our faith through the ages....I believe  without these hymns we reduce all the greatness of the Christian faith to a modern, feel good fad....I have a number of hymnals:  Baptist Hymnal, National Baptist Hymnal and a African American Heritage Hymnal...Lord I haven't heard  the "Doxology" and the Threefold Amen in such a long time.
Question: Are hymns part of your church worship service?