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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Does The Black Church Limit Black Progress?

I have not read the book but I have posted the link to the inserts from the book. There are a lot of talk about the book. The Holy Lockdown supposedly addresses the paradox that exists within the Black community. One that reflects the abundance of Black churches coupled with the abundance of Black problems. Some one please help me understand this. Now if the church is made up of people from the world and some who happen to come from our poorest neighborhoods then, why in the Hell would the church not have problem? We have every problem under the sun in our neighborhoods and some double. So if souls have left the world and came into the church house then doesn't the church house become the one with the problems? The author say there are approximately 85,000 predominately Black churches in this country, meaning, we could have 1,700 Black churches in every state! Meaning we got some problems. OK I can agree with that. Holy Lockdown claims to have taken a critical and long overdue look at the psychological impact the church and sermon rhetoric has made on the Black collective, and it explores the possibility of the church as being a contributing factor to many social problems facing Blacks. The author claims "As a people, we are far too religious and involved in the church to be experiencing so many social problems. Why the attack on The Black Church? The Black Church has been and is a life saving place for a lot of people. I believe when a person come to Christ and to the church they must take part in their own salvation. They must have a willing heart. Christ has never force Himself on any one. Freely He give and freely we must receive. Therefore , could it be a personal problem? Why lay all blame at the foot of The Black Church? No I don't believe the church limit black progress. The book was written by: Jeremiah Camara.