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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It Will Cost You Something To Be Black In America.

I was reading this article in which a study suggests whites don't grasp what it means to be black in America.....In the study the question was ask how much should you be paid to live out your days as a black person? That's the question white Americans were asked as part of the study exploring whites' resistance to reparations .... Now these kinds of studies are problematic in and of themselves ....yet they do offer an interesting view of America....It shows just how many Whites do not understand that it cost to wear Black skin in America....As for me I really don't understand White America way of thinking but the little understanding that I do have it come mostly from the media.... with its constant diet of how good it is to be White in America....really! I could care less whether Whites wanted to be Black or not.... for me like I stated It's more of an understanding that it cost something to be Black in America....I will never understand what it's like to have White privilege but I have a good idea of how good it could be but I also understand it's not going to happen....I am a Black Woman who never wanted to be any thing other than Black.....Chris Rock said it best when he said "not a single White guy in this room wants to trade places with me AND I'M RICH!"... Now that's how good it is to be White in America.... Do you no it's so good to be listed as White in America that Indian immigrants (from the continent of India) are considered "White"? on many census and business forms.... You don't see nobody else volunteering to be Black do you? I wonder why!

While the 958 people who answered generally said they would accept less than $10,000 to be black, they also said they would need something closer to $1 million to give up TV, according to the study led by Ohio State University psychology professor Philip Mazzocco and published in the current issue of .Harvard University's Du Bois Review In other words, giving up television was seen as a big sacrifice, whereas changing one's race was seen as trivial. The results suggest that whites may not be fully aware of the persisting discrimination and prejudice blacks face today, Mazzocco says. According to the research cited in the study, 9 out of 10 whites reject the idea of reparations for the descendants of slaves, despite the evidence of multiple disparities between blacks and whites. Compared with whites, blacks are:

_ nearly 4.5 times as likely to be imprisoned in a lifetime;
_ more than five times as likely to be a victim of homicide;
_ 42.3 percent more likely to lack health coverage;
_ live with a median income 55.3 percent lower;
_ face a 173 percent higher poverty rate;
_ 59.5 percent less likely to have a college degree.