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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The BreakThrough ~ Gwen Ifill.

I think Gwen Ifill is one of the best at her job. She has the experience to be fair and objective in this format and to keep her own personal stuff out of the mix. If she, as a moderator, probes and tries to get the candidates to expand more on their answers this should not be seen as picking on someone or her being biased to the left or the right. It is good journalism and hopefully the point of the debate, to get more than one-liners on critical issues.

If the candidates can't handle that, they shouldn't be considered for the second in command position. And another thing Gwen was picked as moderator way before we even knew who the Vice-president nominee would be. So, for the right wing too try and spin this into something else is stupid. People like Drudge and Michelle Malkin are good at keeping the right wing in a tail spin about something. I believe the right wings are trying to make it possible for Palin to look good even if she's bad.

I think folks fail to understand that anyone who moderates a debate has some type of bias towards or against the candidates. The only difference is that some are on record and others not. But the bias will always be there. The concern that one should have is whether or not that plays a significant role in the fairness of the debate.

When there is concern raised about moderator bias there are one or two things that potentially happen. One, it potentially impairs the moderators from asking the tough questions for fear of being seen as biased. It also potentially opens up calls of "foul" if either side feels that their candidate was treated unfairly.In the end, if moderators are not allowed to do what they do best, which is to put the candidates on the spot,as life will do, we are the ones who end up on the short end of the stick.

Finally, Ifill's books is about black politics. Don't you think it would be stupid for her too omitted Barack Obama despite what her own personal leanings are? Question?? Do you think Gwen will be fair? Do you think she should remove her self from being moderator?