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Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Church Choir Is Not To Be Used For Advertising Purposes.

I found this article which address the ever increasing use of Gospel Choirs, in TV Adverts. More and more Black Gospel Choirs are being used by these advertising companies in a derogatory way also 95% if not all of the choir members are Black who are always jumping around and acting the fool.

Ken Burton a musical composer and director was ask to get a choir together but he refuse to because of the racist and blasphemous nature of the script. Ken Burton said “The campaign features a gospel choir in a church setting. All the elements of worship are present: the singing, the responses from the congregation and the lifting of the hands. Corporate companies always like to use black people in these ‘buffoon‘ portrayals. Why can we not see adverts involving gospel choirs in dignified settings – why do they always have to act like fools?

I believe subliminally that is the way we are often viewed by the advertising companies.” My views are that gospel music is holy and should not be manipulated in such a derogatory way. Gospel music is not like Pop or secular music. Its first responsibility is to lift up the name of the Lord and encourage others to draw close to Him daily.