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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Name It And Claim It.

I think, it's unfortunate that alot of people do not fully understand the true meaning of Christianity. First thing first, religion/Christianity are not the same nor do they mean the same. If you so chose Christianity you have chosen Christ and what comes with that choice and vice-verse. That's one thing about America you are free to believe what ever you want to believe and accept whatever you like.

However, I can see why people would get upset with what they see in the mainstream media about Christianity. When you have prosperity teachers like Creflo Dollar, and Word of Faith teachers like, Frederick K. C. Price telling you that your words can create riches. You will be surprised by the actual words that comes out of some of these preachers/teachers mouths. You can see how they reduce God to a mere companion to be commanded to do their will rather than follow His will ("Thy will be done..."). Some preachers totally misrepresenting Christ and His purpose, and people are expecting all of these outcomes without understanding what Salvation means.

Most of the popular ministers that are on television today are crafting a religion that flies in the face of Biblical principles. Therefore many of their followers are becoming disappointed when the "name it and claim it" doctrine doesn't produce the riches they expect they become turn-off. Take Joel Osteen he's another that preaching something called "Positive Confession" where your words when spoken and believed will deliver you into prosperity and good health. Who need God at all? if you can just do it yourself.

A lot of these preachers are preaching along racial lines which again is not of Christ. So when you read about people going to car lots laying hands on automobiles quoting Scripture. All you can do is shake your head. Some are even going into expenses neighborhoods walking around the property thinking that God want them to have it. You got people like Bill Maher making films about a god and people like Sherri Shepherd trying to defend a Holy God. Who by the way don't need defending.

I am watching Sherri Shepherd( who says she's a Christian) on the View trying to explain God to someone like Bill Maher who just don't get it or don't care. Sherri was asking Bill did he talk to God? and Bill ask her did she? Sherri said yes, Bill then ask her, did God ever answer her back? I am screaming shut up Sherri you are the one looking and sounding like a crazy person. Christ want us all to live a life of prosperity but in Him not without Him. My friend that's a difference.

So I guess what I am saying, you can't reject God and Christ and Salvation and still expect His blessing. God is a loving God but, He is always a God that can not be fool.