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Sunday, November 22, 2009

What Do You Think Of G. Craige Lewis Preaching On The Issue Of Hip Hop?

I know that I may get a lot of ridicule for this post that I am getting ready to talk about, but I am going to say it any way....I believe G Craige Lewis is WRONG for the way he's attacking Hip Hop....The theological depth of the lyrics in most Christian Rap should put to rest any concerns about God’s ability to redeem all music styles and forms for His Glory...Now I will agree Lewis has done a helluva job of packaging his message...Now Lewis has went as far as to pull the God card you know the one were he was call by God...I remember the Incident in Waco, Texas were the guy said he heard from God and what about Jim Jones? and I could go on and on....I do agree with Lewis with some of his concern about Hip Hop....Like , hip hop being filled with idol worship, sexual impurity, perversion, drug and alcohol use, materialism, and immediate gratification....If I am not mistaken isn't that whats in the world? I respect the time and work he has put into his presentation and he should get paid for his work......But if it were not for Hip Hop Lewis wouldn't have a platform for his attacks...For me I have a problem with any one who picks their own platform to try and put fear into people....Hip Hop the culture or the music is no different than anything else in existence on the earth today.... Kind of like the old saying “guns don’t kill people…people do!” The devil perverts things, that is why he is referred to as wicked…wicked simply means twisted...Satan can’t create anything, he merely perverts what God has designed and influences man to abuse them, rather than Use them for what God intended.... Same difference Hip Hop isn’t evil…but some people use it for evil devices and to promote things that are evil...For Lewis to say Hip Hop can't be use for good because of it origins I don't agree with.... Remember Joseph, in the old testament confronting his brothers for selling him into slavery.... Joseph informs them “ye meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive” Gen 50:20. Without a doubt, Satan’s plan would be for music period to be used in the destruction of man, and the Hip Hop culture lends itself to easy one stop shopping for all types of sinful vices....Which is more reason to have a Voice of reason and a Voice of the Truth out there because this is a war on all fronts…Yes I grew up listening to all of the traditional gospel greats, and many of the songs that we sang in Church had positive messages…I have found a lot of Holy Hip Hop with sound messages that are grounded in truth..What we need to is teach and tell our young people of the danger of not being selective about what they listen to... What Lewis is presenting isn’t the Gospel of Jesus...What he's presenting is his reasons for being against Hip Hop in the church...In other words, he is presenting the results of his finding...and with his statement that hip hop is a religion....I don't believe that hip hop is a religion and I have never viewed it that way...I believe it's just part of a culture... So what Lewis is doing is throwing the baby out with bath water when he said that Holy Hip Hop or Christian Rap is an oxymoron....I don't agree with that either... I believe Christian Rap is okay as long as it glorifies God instead of self, edify the saints, and reaching out to the lost....I want to ask you a question... What do you think of G. Craige Lewis preaching on the hip hop issue? Do you agree with his messages or disagree.... If you want to learn more about G. Craige Lewis, his ministry, and his messages, go to his website....Or check out this well written article...What's surprising is that a lot of young people are pushing back against G. Craige Lewis and his ministry and message....I wonder who spoke to them about taking a stand?