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Friday, January 23, 2009

On - Line Funeral!

We've seen how you can plan your funeral online, which seems like a reasonable thing these days given that you can plan just about anything else on the Internet. Without a doubt, one of the most popular areas of the Internet is streaming video, as we saw Tuesday when millions watched President Barack Obama take office on the web. In November, we also learned from 19-year-old Abraham Biggs that you can broadcast your own death live online. However, did you know that you can now attend a funeral online? That's a service currently offered by a funeral home in Columbus, Ohio (as well as a few other places), and it's a service I think will become rather common as people become less inclined to travel. If not mistaken I believe Streaming Faith broadcast Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson services live.

This service help families to create a private Web site that hosts video of the funeral as it happens, some companies offer technical services and advice for funeral directors. Some services help family or friends for whom travel is impossible or impractical, including one case where a soldier deployed in Iraq was able to view his grandmother's funeral in North Carolina. Right now, adding online streaming to a funeral package is free in some places but could cost about $300 in others. Questions: (1). What do you think of the idea? (2).Would you consider it for a love one?(3). Do you take photos during a funeral?