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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fantasia: Godly Advice Is Always Good, But Good Advice Is Not Always Godly.

It's being reported that Fantasia have made a very shocking confession in court Monday morning....She's purportedly to have testified in a child custody case between Antwan Cook and his estranged wife Paula Cook....although the court was closed to reporters.....sources are saying Fantasia admitted she got pregnant with Mr.Cook baby and had a abortion.

No matter how long you and I have been at this thing call life, it's wise to turn to older people for advice....I know I felt more comfortable back in the day making big decisions after first talking to my mom and grandmother....They would confirm my fears or affirm my decisions about something, I felt I was on good grounds....In God design of things He has provided for each of His children a powerful wise resource in a older person in our lives....Sometime we make the mistake of going to people Christians and non-Christians alike and seek advice from them, when in fact God did not lead us to them....We may get advice that sound  like it is the right thing to do but it may not necessarily be Godly....Personal I  believe someone has given Fantasia some UN-GODLY advice....Some confessions should remain between us an GOD....I don't see how this  information can/could help her case in the future.