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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Men's Day And The Black Church!

Men Day have always been important in the black church for a number of reasons and, as such, they tend to have strong, meaningful, historical overtones. Some people speak of America’s racist and unjust history toward black people in terms of “manhood denied.” Ice Cube said in a rap, “You treat me less than a man, cuz right now you got the upper hand.” But rather than seeing the day as an opportunity of reprieve for black men from an oppressive existence, what the day offers black church communities is a chance to celebrate the healthy roles men have played, and can continue to play, in the unfolding divine drama of black freedom that involves the entire community—women, men, youth, and children.

What the day also allows us to do is to be conscious of the ways that our community has endured despite the challenges against us, and to celebrate men who do not reproduce the oppression that they have overcome by marginalizing women, children, or gay and lesbian persons. The day is a day in which to celebrate wholeness or to begin on a road to wholeness by emphasizing similar themes as the Million Man March did in 1995—namely, redemption, reconciliation, and atonement. A focus on redemption allows men to be purpose driven by reminding them that many black men need others to reach out to them, and that we continuously have to lift as we climb to greater emotional, religious, and social heights in our lives. Reconciliation reminds us how important it is for us to come to grips with our own issues and to unite with other men and women across class and cultural lines within black communities and heal broken relationships and strengthen community ties. Atonement reminds us that we need forgiveness from our friends, families, colleagues, partners, and children for our failures. HAPPY MEN DAY!