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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Real Reason Deitrick Haddon Divorced His Wife Of 15 Years!?!??!?

This is a doggone shame,there’s little to no credibility left in today's folks who claim to follow Christ.   Most of these, so called Gospel artists need to sit down some where and stop leading folks astray.  Gospel singer, songwriter, producer, pastor and actor Deitrick Haddon has taken to his twitter page in an effort to try and head off some negative press that is headed his way, because of a child he has fathered out side of marriage. He's claiming also  on his twitter page, that he had to keep his newborn baby girl out of the public eye because of evil people.
"It’s time to stop! Deitrick and Damita were not divorced until October 2012 and Damita still loved him. He cheated with someone younger and yes had a baby in the beginning of the 2012?? Yes I’m speaking “The truth! That’s not right. Stop lying and tweeting that you and Damita were/are friends. You are lying! Stop tweeting and saying Damita was in agreement. Damita Did not want the divorce. Damita does not talk to you because you lied before and you continue to lie! I am a family memebr and yes I know the truth. You really hurt Damita and you could careless. Your actions were heartless! Yes we have all sinned and came short of God’s glory but you can not make excuses, wrong is wrong and publicly humiliate her and then announce things to make you look “innocent.” I can’t stand the foolishness. @ Redeemed, we forgive him but he needs to stop lying and be truthful. Hurt is hurt. God’ knows all of our hearts. and yes it is a big deal. If it were you, you would feel the same. Any human being with morals and compassion would. Yes he is a man but when you represent Jesus Christ there is a standard that should remain weather you are famous or just amos. Just because someone falls, it does not make it right for them to hurt other people along the way down."  
After reading the above comments and the article over here....all I can and will say about his comment about evil is this....maybe it's his own evil and nasty  ways and action that need to be address and called out.    Maybe and most likely his own evilness, is the real reason his ex - wife, singer and co-pastor Damita Haddon gave him a divorce early in the year. Every woman will not allow you to display proudly the signs of evil adultery in their face.