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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Is A ............

Elisabeth Hasselbeck of ABC's The View flew to Minneapolis to emcee a luncheon in a tribute to Cindy McCain. She previously had hosted both Michelle Obama, the wife of Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama and Cindy McCain wife of Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain. I was not shocked at what that little twit said at the podium because she has always came off as a little snotty witch: Clip!

“Unlike the wife of another political candidate( i.e. Michelle Obama) who shall remain nameless, Cindy McCain didn’t come [to cohost The View] with a list of topics we weren’t allowed to touch.”I was outraged when I saw the video. Ms. Hasselback's tone was arrogant, self-righteous and condescending. Utlimately she not only made herself look bad but also the honoree. Cindy McCain must have been very embarrassed by that type unprofessional behavior, the catty comments as well as the deliberate dig at Michelle Obama.

Why didn't Hasselbeck use Cindy McCain's View stint to grill her on the Keating Five scandal, Cindy's history of drug addiction and the illegally written prescriptions( a felony) she used to obtain those drugs. Hasselbeck never asked about any of those things, and I am positive that Cindy never expected her to. I feel like the little twit should be fired. I see why Rosie want to put a foot to her. Ms. Hasselbeck violated not only Michelle Obama's privacy, but also the privacy of every future guest on The View. ABC and Barbara Walters should fire that little twit as soon as possible. You don't invite folks to your house and then talk about them behind their back.