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Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Dress Up-Mental.

I grew up in The Black Church and this look on Sunday was a must. If you were not dress a certain way you felt left out. I know because that's what I remember feeling. But once I learned that it was not what's on the out side but what's in the heart. I learn what it meant to come to Jesus as you are. I remember once upon a time saying I am not going to church today because I don't have anything to wear. I know that this look is still going on in a lot of churches and it is nothing wrong with it. But why do Black people feel like we got to dress up for every thing? We can go to a college game and be dressed to the nine. Why?4' heels on at a ball game. Our white skin sisters with tee shirts and jeans on. Do we over dress sometime? Have you every felt like you did not fit in because of the way you dressed? I am talking about fitting in with our own brothers and sisters? It took me a minute to adjust to my new church family, they don't dress like my old church First Missionary Baptist Church. It seems that my new church is more welcoming and non-judgmental. What do you think, has this dress up mental hurt and stop a lot of people from coming to church? Why are some people selling Church Suits? Because they know that we will buy into this mess. Church Suits! Come On!