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Friday, May 22, 2009

“Is There A Heaven For A Thug Or (gangster)?”

I have been reading some posted messages about Dolla the rapper who was gunned down earlier in the week...But what I am finding interesting is there's a popular aspect of Hip Hop, where young people believe fallen “street soldiers”and "thugs" go to heaven..."Please don't get it wrong, I am in no way saying that Dolla didn't go to heaven or he didn't go to hell because I don't no." Now I do believe it was up to him were he's spending his world without end and were time will be no more ... Now, I am using Dolla to make a point ONLY...Now, this question “Is there a Heaven for a G gangster?”Well most young warriors have already answered with this notions , “Only God can judge me” in “Thug’s Paradise”.Well the short answer is No!There is only one heaven and every one in that heaven will be lovers of Christ...Now , I am well aware that some Africans and Native Americans believe EVERYONE goes to Heaven, with the exception of disturbed souls whose death was so violent and traumatic that they have to be ushered into the after world through special means...Now this is a short list of some who want be there according to them:
  1. Many from the middle passage
  2. Many civil war soldiers
  3. Many Vietnam vets
  4. Many lynching victims
  5. Many Thugs.
  6. Many who's been lynched

There is danger in this thinking.... It can weaken the need for someone to receive Jesus as Savior...We must confessed our sins to Christ (1 John 1:9)and He alone....Now some on that list want be there but ,it won't be because they exit life a certain way..No! it will be because they didn't accept Christ as Savior.... The truth of the matter is Jesus is looking for tuned-in, turned-on Christians to tell of Him...'It been said that the longer a husband and wife live together the more they start to look, act and talk alike."And it's the same with us...The more time we spend thinking about Jesus, talking to Him, meditating on His Word and basking in His presence, the more people are going to want to know about Him.Questions: Do you believe in heaven? Do you believe there's more than one heaven (not heavenly places)?