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Friday, November 21, 2008

Death The Last Enemy.

When this post appear, I will be In Alabama attending my dad's funeral. He transition from time to eternity Sunday morning. Here are some thing to consider when dealing with grieving people.

  1. I Know How You Feel Even if you have lost someone close to you, you don't know how they feel. Everyone feels differently
  2. Everything Happens For a Reason

    Even if that's what you believe and even if that's what they believe, that is not what they want to hear. This has probably already crossed their mind.
  3. You Just Need to Move On

    No. This is insensitive. When someone loses someone it takes a lot of coping and adjusting, it is impossible to “just move on.”
  4. Just Keep Busy and Move On

    As with number 3 people need to cope in their own way.
  5. Get On With Life

    The ONLY time this should EVER be said is when the person is in danger. It should be said in a gentle way and get help for the person if needed. However, for the first while life is not going to go on for the person.
  6. Things Will Get Better

    While this may be true, it doesn't seem like it to the person and will probably only frustrate the person.
  7. They Are in a Better Place Now

    Unless you are sure of the person's religious beliefs, don't say this, it may insult them.
  8. God is Taking Care of Them Now

  1. people are sensitive after suffering a loss and may take this as if they weren't good enough to take care of the person.
To My blog family in advance for the comments and love that will come my way.