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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Death And Dying.

I never was one for the death penalty but, I often wonder how the person who pulls the switch or give that fatal injection felt. I was reading this article about a Pastor Carroll Pickett's who once worked as a minister with Texas inmates just before their executions. Pickett stated they he once was in favor of the death penalty until he started to work with the inmates and the victims family. Pickett's said some inmates talked and talked before their execution weather they were guilty or not. He stated that some was guilty and some not. Pickett said that many were mentally retarded with the majority being Hispanic or Black. He said they only executed one who had a college degree. The average was only up to the 9th grade. MOST OF THE MEN WERE HIGH ON DRUGS OR ALCOHOL WHEN THEY COMMITTED THEIR CRIMES. Pastor Pickett said he's NOT convinced there is no pain with an execution. He heard signs of pain during executions--often happening more when the inmate would fight with the procedure. "Most of them wanted physical contact--wanted me to hold their hand but I couldn't" he said, "but I never lost contact with them, none of them." "IT'S BURNING" he would sometimes hear. "A LOT OF THEM WOULD NOT GO COMPLETELY TO SLEEP WITH THE FIRST DRUG...SOMETIMES THE NOISES WERE NOT JUST AIR BUT PAIN." Pickett kept emphasizing to how important it was that the one to be executed not fight. Pickett was ask about how he would face his own death and his response was I am not afraid too die I led (these men their ) last eight steps and many were not afraid to die.
Question: Should a mentally retarded person be put to death? My answer would be NO !