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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Can A Christian Wealth Become A Stumbling Block For Others?

"It appears that Dave Ramsey have gotten  rich off of desperate people....he's  just like every other worldly entrepreneur in self help books....I think it is called sordid gain....rich Christians flaunting their wealth are a stumbling block to the poor, causing envy and strife...why do Christians continue to invest  in temporal things that will ultimately crumble?”

I found the above statement on a message board....were Dave Ramsey new home was being talk about....It seems most of the comments were negative towards Dave Ramsey, for being a Christian and buying a house this big....personally I don't have a problem with Dave buying a house this size....I believe he's  receiving the reward for his consistent diligence, giving and faithfulness for helping Christians as well as non-Christians for the past 20 years.

I believe also he's practicing sound stewardship because there is no mortgage on the house.... I’m sure Dave gives tithes and gives millions to charity so why can’t he enjoy a home castle of this size?