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Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Flag Of Hate.

I love Alabama! When you say Alabama some people automatic think of that flag,or cotton. I hope one day we can put that flag to rest. Not the one that is flying but, the one that is in our hearts. We can take that one down and still have hatred in our hearts.

This controversial flag waves in full color red, white and blue. It has stripes and stars and a place in our past but shouldn't be in our present or future. I live in Alabama and I see this flag a lot. Some people have it in their front yards. I don't have a problem with that. But when you live and work with so much racism you all most, have no feeling toward stupid people. To go to Atlanta and see so many blacks doing great in spite of this flag is wonderful.

History will tell us that the Confederate flag originally symbolized Southern pride, unity and courage in the Civil War. Soldiers of the Confederacy gave their blood for it.
But since the 1860s, the "Southern Cross" has signify black hatred and oppression that drove that era's slavery, segregation and racial ignorance.

The flag's meaning, sadly, has changed because of its misuse.
So how can anyone in America unfold this flag today? Because, thanks to America's freedom of expression, they can. That doesn't mean they should.

Many people don't see the shame stitched into this cloth. For them, the flag is as much a part of their Deep South roots as the America flag but without regard to America's past.
"You can't separate the historical politics of the Confederacy from the symbolism of the flag. It's all one in the same "Honestly, the waving of the Confederate flag should be an insult, not only to blacks but to any open-minded, free-thinking individual who knows their history. So, how do you see this flag?