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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do Black Pastors Have Any Influence At All?

I ask that question because according to a recent survey taken by Pastors.... Billy Graham is the most influential preacher living follow by Charles Swindoll...In a telephone interview conducted in November 2009, Protestant pastors were asked to “name the top three living Christian preachers that most influence them...21% of pastors surveyed said Graham…While Graham’s position at the top may have been expected, the list as a whole was a bit surprising for its lack of diversity ( NO BLACKS ) according to Ed Stetzer, director of LifeWay Research which is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.
"Considering our sample includes liberal and conservative, all races and ethnicities, mainline and evangelical, we were surprised that the list looked like mainstream Christian radio and publishing and was not more representative," he said. "Of course, the majority who answer drive the final numbers, but I was expecting more diversity in the responses."
What I find interesting and questionable about this list is that all of the preachers are white conservative evangelical pastors except for one...I swear there's not a person in America (Christian or not) who has not heard of Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar and T.D.Jakes...I am not talking about their theology and teaching methods either.....Because if that was the case some of the ones listed would not be there....I wondering what was the survey base on...Was it the result of their television program and best-selling books...What about all the black pastors and preachers today, who have stayed faithful to preaching the truth?But are not on that list....What about Tony Evans? You can't get no more conservative than that....That's why I hate these types of list..They do nothing but reinforce that foolishness that white is right... We all probably know at least one man of God who's black...That could have been placed on a list or in a category of having influenced many people over the years...But if we listed him, no one would recognize his name...I am wondering if a company that was unaffiliated with a particular denomination were to conduct a similar survey if they would get the same results...What I also found interesting is that 2 on the list believe Mormons are Christians....Heres The complete list.
Question: Why are lists and surveys important?