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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why Do People Think The Historically Black Church Don't/ Didn't Teach The Gospel?

Trip Lee, Eric Mason and Lecrae.
If you're reading this article most likely you're a "Black Christians" like my self, who grew up in a black church in a black community some where.  There's also a big ole chance you have either come from a "Black Pentecostal" background or you are still part of it. What ever the case might be you probable heard the lie the black church don't teach the gospel according to the Bible. You probable also heard this line that Martin Luther King Jr. was NO Christian and he sure was not a Baptist preacher because he didn't preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. But King instead preached  a social Gospel. Any way the  interview below is very enlightening and it mention  some of the challenges that exist between  historically black churches and the so call gospel-centered theology.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lyrical Theology Don't Waste Your Life!

Rap is not foreign to me,neither is the Word of God which is a two-edged razor sharp sword which cuts deep into the soul and heart of the sinner, and the redeemed...I have never embraced Holy- Hip- Hop because I have always put it in the same category as secular Hip- Hop and I was wrong for doing that. I repent of it and will not do it again in the future... without knowledge we fail to grow.

“Not being ashamed of the Gospel,” means more than verbally proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ; it means acknowledging and yielding to the power of the Gospel in every area of your life. When we accept Christ as our personal Lord and Savior, He frees us from our sin, so we may glorify God, and proclaim the Gospel with every aspect of our lives. We essentially lay our lives (self) down to serve and glorify God in thought, word and deeds... Lecrae and Desiring God Ministry have joined together to form a kinda of partnership than I never thought I would see.

I like the teaching of John Piper I see were he has linked up with rap music .it's one of the most beautiful picture of diversity I have ever seen...I am asking my self can I (The Black Church) handle the idea that when we worship God in heaven on that day that rap music may very well be a part of the worship service? Lecrae and others are calling this new rap music lyrical theology... What a beautiful picture to actually use music to communicate the gospel to a generation that is not hearing it through the same ol’ preferred style for me that would be hymns and contemporary music.

The “Don’t Waste Your Life” tour, presented by Reach Records and Desiring God Ministries, is making stops in major cities across the country over the next couple of months, challenging the younger generation to live passionately for Jesus Christ...The main message: shun seeking worldly joy and instead live lives dedicated to Christ.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Preaching The Cross!

Very few men are preaching the real gospel today but I believe Jimmy Swaggart just happens to be one who is. Did he sin 20 something years ago? Yes! Did he repent?I sure hope so and it appears he has...While sin it self may cause us to lose our fellowship with Christ at that time it don't affect/effect our relationship with Him... From what I understand he refused to come under church “discipline” for personal reasons at that time...I will say he is just one voice out of many who are trying to stay away from the name it and claim it bunch by preaching the truth... I am glad Swaggart did not allow his sins to cause him to give up on his gift and God.... Instead he's able to get the message of the Cross out in such a wonderful way.

One thing Swaggart is during now days is that he opposes the teaching of Rick Warren Purpose Driven Life and has begun a “Cross” message preaching that the only way to life eternal is Jesus Christ (John 14:6). As you probably are aware, many evangelists today are claiming salvation for Jews, Muslims, and Buddhists apart from Jesus Christ, including even the great evangelical, Billy Graham!

It is highly unlikely that Jimmy Swaggart will ever win any homosexuals to Christ. Not that long ago, he said, “If one ever looks at me like that, I’m gonna kill him and tell God he is dead”.... For someone that frequented prostitutes he should not be talking like that... Instead witness Christ to the lost whoever they might be winning them to Jesus with the gospel.