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Friday, January 15, 2010

Is Every Movie With A Bible In It A Faith-Film?

After watching the movie trailer and reading some of the reviews about the movie "The Book Of Eli"...I am wondering if any one would consider using this movie as a study guide for a small study group in your church?The movie, have a "R" rating for graphic violence and coarse language...But it has been pointed out that no words of profanity come from Washington's mouth. "He is clearly set apart as a holy character on a godly mission."Denzel Washington, who's a church-going son of a preacher in his own life according to an interview in Christianity Today, plays Eli who roams the wasted landscape, using "rote splatter-violence," to protect Earth's last copy of the Bible...Faith is everywhere in "The Book of Eli", which opens Friday and is being marketed with "B-ELI-EVE" and "D-ELI-VER US" billboards.... In the movie, Washington plays a mysterious machete-wielding traveler named Eli, directed by God to protect the earth's last remaining copy of the Bible—that's right, the Bible—and to take it "out West" for safekeeping while villains seek to take it by force and use it as a "weapon" of control...I am looking for new tools to used in teaching Sunday School.