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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Clubbin For Christ.

Now, my people of God, come- on did I not note in a post a couple of months ago that this was going to happen? There is a night club that have open in the Philly area call Club Destiny which aim is for the Christian. If you want to dance to Mary Mary's "Get Up''? Or "Love Him Like I do'' by Deitrick Haddon are how about Silent Night by the Temptation you can. In this club you can do just that. Two nights a month and on holidays, Club Destiny, will turn on the neon lights to create the atmosphere where families and singles of faith feel safe in a nonalcoholic environment where gospel music is played in the backdrop. The club is one of a few that is springing up across the country. From my understanding one such club is heading to Jacksonville Fl. The trend, which has been made popular by the increase in marketing to the Christian audience looking for entertainment alternatives. This is what I have to say about that again. Any time you try and sell Jesus plus something else, you got a problem. Tell people the truth you must die to that old life. Stop telling young Chistian lies about you can have both worlds it's not true. It's a choice and you have to make a conscience determineation too leave that old life. All I am trying to say with these posts is the line is becoming more blured between the secular and Christian culture. Young Chiristian need to no it's Jesus and Jesus alone. No tricks and no gimmick just Christ. This is to any one who claim Christ as Lord of your life and you don't see this as a problem. You need to inspect your self to see that you are in the faith. (Article here.) check out some of the comments.