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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

God’s Approval Is Better Than Man’s Applause.

Kelly Price gave an   interviewed to Bossip ....And in the interview Kelly  talked about her ability to flip-flop between gospel and  secular music:
Bossip: You’ve been known as both a Gospel artist and a secular artist. Do you ever find a conflict in doing both or do you have a preference?
Kelly Price: Again, it goes back to relevance. I can do both secular and gospel. Both are a part of my life. I grew up in the church. My gospel audience buys all my records, they don’t judge me. I’ve been able to win a lot of gospel music people over because of my message.
I speak to life situations. There is life outside of the church. We can get so wrapped up in our beliefs that we segregate ourselves. My mom always told me, “Don’t be so heavenly minded, that you’re no earthly good. The quality of life on earth is as important as life after death.
"I’ve been able to win a lot of gospel music people over because of my message".

Wrong Kelly!!! the gospel message is about Christ.....It's not about what you been through are going through in your life....That's call your testimony....I believe all born again Christians should have a testimonial....I believe what today new gospel artist  is in need of is "BROKENNESS"...A world that celebrates success don't see value in broken things.....But God brings beauty out of brokenness....Let me explain what brokenness is from a Christian view.......It's the  work of God by which "HE" strips us of self-sufficiency so that the character of Christ may shine trough us....Now don't misunderstand; being broken doesn't necessarily mean experiencing some tragedy....A lot  people suffer tragedy without drawing closer to God or even acknowledging Him.

I truly  believe this generation have refuse to allow God to break them so He can used them....That is  why  today's gospel artists have no anointing   they think it's about them...Hello! It's not...To me,myself and I  Kelly Price  has never appeal to me as gospel artist....I'm not saying she can't sing or nothing like that....I  believe as  true Christians who's sold out for Christ.....It's impossible to operate  in both worlds and be a true witness  for the Kingdom of God....One of those worlds will suffer....Kelly mention that  old expression “Don’t be so heavenly minded that you are of no earthly good.” It's clever and a catchy cliche but these words are unbiblical.... The Bible says, “Set your mind on things above, not on the things that are on earth” (Col 3:2). Contrary to what Kelly might think  being heavenly minded should  always inspires us to be more earthly good...Our  goal as Christians should  be to set our minds on things above and faithfully serve the Lord....