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Friday, October 10, 2008

Gangs Bother Me!

I'm going to confess! I don't no any thing about gangs no more than what I have seen on TV. Maybe that's why to me they make no sense. I cannot see them as anything other than a criminal organization. As bad as it can be for Blacks in this society, why have one set of Blacks versus another set that has turned our sub-culture into a prison state in many areas? The only purpose that I can see is to consolidate a criminal empire that does nothing to serve the community.

People that visit this blog know I am from a small town in the deep south. Therefore, gangs were not the norm there. In the early 60's and late 70's a lot of blacks were still migrating to the north for that better life. But, for what ever reason it wouldn't be long before their kids would come back to the south. Some kid would come back with bad habits and attitudes but I wouldn't call it gang activities. Well anyway, it has been said that they are there to protect the community from those outside of it that mean it harm.

Well, how in the world do the many deaths from the war between the Crips and Bloods protect anything other than their criminal enterprise? The MS-13 gang is the same way and they all are acting as warlords. I was watching this documentary on the History Channel about some of the activities of these gangs.

I would like someone to help me understand this. I am a mother and I have mad love for our young people but: It bothers me to see our young men walking around with their pants down on their butts emulating prisoners walking around with their belts removed. It bothers me to see our young girls serving as sexual tools to these gangsters who present a video lifestyle that seems more appealing than that of their own families. It bothers me to see our youth trying to be Clint East woods and blowing people away over the slightest insult. I guess what I am saying is gangs bother me. Father, keep a hedge of protection around our youth. Father, keep them until theirs eyes become open to the evil of this world. AMEN!