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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Want To Know If You Were Raised In A Black Church? Take The Quiz!

  If you were raised in the black church, test your “church knowledge base”, with this little quiz. Please share the quiz with friends, family, pastor and fellow church members; I’m sure they’ll enjoy it as well.

 Can you fill in the blanks? Don't cheat!!! "First giving: ______ to God, who is the: _______ of my life, I'd like to say I'm glad to be in the: ________ of the Lord one mo' time. Cause he brought me from a: ___long_____. I coulda been dead, sleeping in my: ________, but God is: _______ all the: ________, and all the: _____, God is: _______. He's a: _______ over troubled waters. He's a mother to the: ________, and a: _________to the: __________, a doctor in a: ________ room, and a: ___________ in the courtroom! (smile) He’s the: _______ of the valley, a brig- ht and: ________star He got up early one: __________ mon'ing, with all” __________ in his: _______. Pray for me that I grow: _________ in the Lord." Also, as you look in your church: _______, under the special: _________ please keep in your prayer: _______ Sista Buela-Mae Jenkins who will be having her: ________ surgery this week. And while you give your tithes and: _______ we humbly ask that you contribute to the church:_______ fund and we will be celebrating the pastor's fifteenth:________ so anybody please who serves on the: _______ board please meet in the: ________ following: _________. And the women's auxiliary will be selling: ________ dinners for $7.00 a: _____ along with the youth: ______ who will be having their annual: ______ sale to help fund their trip to the national youth ministry: _______ in Tennessee this summer. Parents please be: _______that vacation: _______school begins June 19, please have your child: ________ by May 13. You knew them all, if not most of them, didn't you?!!! You must go to a black church! Answers to the quiz are listed Here