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Monday, August 3, 2009

Whoring In The Pulpit!

Sexual sin is so common, so rampant, so unchecked in our churches. I am wondering “Is anybody living right?” Well, I’m sure somebody is living right. Now living right doesn’t mean living perfect. It means your motives are pure, your intentions are true. It means you are giving God your all and trying your best. Am I perfect? Hell No! Are my motives pure? I absolutely think so;at lest i intend them to be. So, am I living right? Yes, to the best of my ability. I have faults, I have weaknesses. But at the present moment, sexual sin ain't one of them.

I've notice two things that are bringing preachers/teachers down in these last days: "Money and Women" It’s a sad fact that the sins of the flesh are often the most compelling. My old pastor used to said will-power won't work on sin; you got to have Holy Ghost Power. Now it has gotten to the point where I wonder if anyone can remain faithful to God—anyone,me included.

It seems like a successful ministry is at fault in alot of these cases. Why do this seems to be the pattern with many if not most black pastors. Early on, there is struggle. And in that struggle we usually find the most sincerity, the purest vision and the fruits of consecrated sacrifice. But, as the ministry flourishes, the pastor becomes increasingly arrogant and selfishness . Now you've got pastor appreciation day along with pastor anniversary. Now I've just learn about another pastor caught in adultery. A pastor engaging in sexual misconduct is the ultimate act of selfishness too me. And that is were I will have to draw my line.

I can't see my self sitting under any pastor leadership were he's screwing every other woman in the church. Do every pastor cheat on his wife? If so why? Someone once said that the pulpit is a powerful magnet for lonely women. Is this true? Back in the days of my youth you could here the old people say things like there's an "Old Boy's Club" among most pastors. They would say thing like pastors keep each others’ confidence, and secrets. Is it true that many if not most pastors know that there colleague is a whore.Meaning, they can name names—of pastors they know, for a fact, have mistresses all over the place. And, even more sadly, everyone at the church know these women are the pastor’s mistress.

: What's the one thing you won't tolerate from your pastor?