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Friday, February 15, 2008

What's More Important Butts or Brains?

Why have some of our young black women allowed themselves to be identify by their body parts more so than for their accomplishments?
Why do people assume that the black women's butt is some kind of sign of a black women's sexiness and attractiveness? What if she didn't have a butt would she still be attractive and sexy? This thing about butts just came into play a couple of years ago. Now you got people getting butt implants, come on.

I think we should be concern about this trend. This could become dangerous to black women every where. More rapes from both black and white men. So, just because it's admired today's what about tomorrow when it's no longer in style? Black men magazines feature woman with Big Butts all in your face.( Buffie the Body, Deelisha) White men are purchasing the same magazines and most likely they are the ones you will sit across from interviewing for a job.

How do you think they see us? the sista with the big butt. I have nothing against the 2 name people above. I don't understand when will we think about what we are doing and how it will affect us in the future. Why make a documentary about a woman behind? Some one is pimping the Black woman body and she don't even no it. That is a shame. Think about what Imus said it was stupid but it's that image. Here is a trailer for a documentary call Venus Lives. View it and leave me a comment.