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Thursday, August 21, 2008

VH1 Kiddie Pageants, Why?

A couple of weeks ago, I was watching VH1. You know the channel who’s given us infamous shows such as Flavor of Love (1, 2 and 3), Rock of Love, I Love New York etc… I hate to admit it, but I’ve watched these shows and am just amazed at what people are willing to do to be on TV. So, as I watched VH1, I saw a program titled Little Beauties. It was a reality show about beauty pageants for 6 year old little girls. After watching this show, I was shock by what I saw. I saw these little girls wearing tons of makeup. I saw little girls with their hair hardened into ‘big’ hair styles via hair spray. I saw little girls sashaying down a runway in bikini swimsuits. I saw little girls acting like adults. I was surprise to see a Black couple there. The father seem as if he really didn't like it but, the mother was all into it.

Why do parents allow their kids to be exploited just for some exposure and maybe a little bit of money? I just don’t understand. This is something that is very prevalent in today’s society, which appears to be in a constant decline. As our children gets older and society continues its downward spiral, it's sad to think what will be shown on TV, starring children. As parents we are to protect our young at whatever cost. One day we'll have to give an account of our action concerning those given unto us. ( hat tip: to Kelly Belle )