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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Backward Thinking.

Remember the old school Hip-Hop of two young rappers named Chris who named themselves Kris Kross? I think about it now and say it was our "Christ" consciousness being "crossed" out. What was the fashion style? Wearing clothing backwards. You actual had people dressing in this manner. Looking back (no pun intend) I wonder how we in America end up in the place of backward thinking.(I no it did not start with Chris Cross).

Any way think about this A $500 car with over $4,000 worth of rims, over $2,000 worth of electronics on the insides, tvs, PlayStation3 etc - is this backwards or what? I don't care how you put it, it's backward. It's backward to live in a rundown house with a $70,000 dollar car park side the road. It seems humorous at first, until we realize we are using these same equations in all levels of human interactivity and development. I was watching a segments on the news about teachers and in the segments they talk about how teaching is no longer viewed as a great profession. How did we come to a place were teachers are not even seen as honorable? Teachers once held the most important jobs on the planet- but, now they are paid less than your average athlete that warms the bench for our favorite team. Where else would Entertainers earn more than Educators? In a world going backwards. We've been backwards for so long we are beginning to think backwards makes sense.

I thought about President-elect Obama and Pastor Jeremiah Wright. If Wright had not been the great teacher that he was and Obama being the wonderful receiver of that gift. Obama most likely would not have became our 44 president. We all no that Jesus was the Master of Teachers. But, the great deceiver of all man kind has fool us into believing that teachers are not needed and we have fell for it. I believe teachers are very important. If we don't turn this backward thinking around we are headed for sure destruction.