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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bring Me My Big Black Belt!

Should BB Guns be Illegal for Kids? I ask because of the two boys, ages 12 and 14, who were told to drop their weapons and handcuffed earlier this week in Massachusetts....Now the youths were allegedly firing at cars with BB guns... The police, however, couldn't distinguish between the boys' BB guns...Some are saying that this potentially lethal confusion happens all the time...Let me park here for a minute...This doesn't happen all the time within the black community....I am willing to bet the out come would have been total different....The police shoot first then ask question...That's why both need a good A@@ whipping because they are lucky to not have been shot and killed by the police...Especially after shooting at cars...

Also last January, an Oregon elementary school was placed on lock down when an 11-year-old former student was cited for allegedly pointing a toy gun toward students and staff...Now don't be fooled by the term "BB gun." They're not as cute as they were in the classic film "A Christmas Story." BB guns these days don't resemble anything from back in the day.... In fact, they look more like real guns than ever.... And they're way more dangerous than they used to be....I remember my brothers having BB guns but they were the kind you pump...Some of my brothers play mates had pellet guns which were more dangerous. Question: Would you consider buying A kid a toy gun?