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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sara Palin The Banner Of Conservatism!

How about we talk about Bristol Palin an Levi Johnston. You know --they're still single? What were/are they waiting for? There's really no good reason why the two haven't married yet. Levi Johnston isn't off to war, serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, or anything like that. Well, they have yet to get married. I wonder how Palin supporters who claim to be conservative think about their precious former VP candidate.

Remember during the campaign that Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston were going to get married. So, now we should look the other way regarding them, while we continue to look at the single motherhood of the rest of America. Why is this my business, you ask? And please Hush -up! with they're kids and they're private people. Well, those kids put out press releases to People magazine and everywhere else, starting a bidding war for the photos of their kid (which got them $300,000), and, as we all no , during the campaign the two said they'd get married, which they have yet to do. And it's our business because the mother and woman whom people are holding up as a conservative family values person, has demonstrated that she actually isn't one. Sara done went and got her- self a book deal but, at the same time saying leave my family alone.

I am certain Palin's book would sell, but I am a bit surprised by the way she is seeking out media attention when she has claimed that they have misrepresented her and her family. She does not want the media writing about her children but she uses them to demonstrate her family values when it suits her media purpose. Is it fair to ask the media to leave them alone when it is negative attention, but to use the media to promote their ideal family for positive attention? I have a hard time respecting this woman. I'm sure the same people who blindly follow Sarah Palin and think she's G-d will attack me for daring to point this out. You know, the same people who bought Ann Coulter's latest book and cheer on her chapter echoing--that single mothers are a national problem, not a solution. But I guess that means single mothers other than those with the last name Palin. This is, after all, the same Ann Coulter who call Sarah Palin her conservative of the year. Ann Coulter is a hypocrite! She can call other single mothers, "selfish". But, she won't dare say it about Sarah Palin daughter who's a baby mama, also.