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Monday, November 9, 2009

Let God's Word Settle It!

Phyllis Schafly the well-known conservative activist son Andrew...Has decided to fix something that I did not realize was broken-the Bible...Now this Harvard Law and Princeton undergraduate who's major was in electrical engineering has the urge to fix something... Andrew has actually taken it upon himself not just to mis-interpret Scripture, which would at least leave room for discussion, but to change the actual wording of Scripture for his purposes....Clearly, Andrew believes that Jesus would be a Republican.... Worse than that, he wants to strike out any evidence to the contrary....Andrew is the one who created Conservapedia which is the conservative’s answer to Wikipedia, an on line encyclopedia that he believes has a liberal bias.... Conservapedia, however, is more than a conservative encyclopedia.... It has undertaken the translation of the Bible that will correct the liberal thoughts that's in the book...The best translator of any thing especially the Bible is the Holy Spirit... who merely points to Jesus’ words and meanings as He intended them to be... Those who have ears let them hear.John 14:26