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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Let's Not Exploit People For Personal Gain.

America Next Top Model is back for its 11th "cycle" on September 3rd. For the 1st time the reality show is including a transgender contestant, Isis. I have been reading were some people are already praising Tyra Banks and ANTM Ms. Banks has dealt with: weight ( remember Tocoria, when they knew she was too heavy) , Autism, lesbianism, bisexuality, ghetto girls, poverty, and even a girl who was half-blind! What makes anyone think this will be different with a transgender woman? I remember once before that Ms. Banks and the creators of ANTM have already rejected a transgender woman by the name of Claudia Charriez. Claudia was disqualified because she was transgender so, my question is why is the show embracing a woman of transgender experience? Do Ms. Banks have a hidden agenda? Do she plan to exploit this young lady for rating? I don't have anything against Ms. Banks however, let's not use people for our own personal gain. I am hoping Isis will not be exploited or made to be a spectacle, while Tyra positions herself as a door opener. Lisa over at Black Women BlowThe Trumpet has a post about transgender which I found to be very good reading.