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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

ATM's In The Church.

According to an article in Time Magazine this is becoming a common practices in alot of our Mega Churches. I don't agree with it because what I have purpose in my heart to give I should have it ready when I arrive. I am also aware that people are using less checks and more plastic.

This is too worldly for me. It's nothing Biblical wrong with it and it might grow on me. Beginning with gifts given in 2007, the IRS will demand documentation for charitable contributions under $250. Once, all one needed was a dairy entry to vouch for such donations. Specially designed ATMs at church will help document such spur of the moment cash gifts as well as planned giving.

Also as a result of the new IRS rule, credit card donations and tithing are likely to increase too because such electronic fund transfers leave a paper trail.

Automatic checking account withdrawals are used by some churches, and more recently, ATM-like kiosks are now available in many church corridors and lobbies, where parishioners can swipe a card and receive a printed receipt, which they can either save for the IRS or plunk into the collection basket with a flourish, so pew mates will know they're not spiritual freeloaders.

Who do you feel about ATMs in the church? Is the church becoming to much like the world instead of the world becoming like the church?