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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How About A Ten Thousand Dollar Birthday Party For A Child.

We all have heard of The Super Sweet Sixteen but what about the Kiddie Parties? That picture is a Coach™ - themed cake for a birthday party. This cake runs about $1500. Even if you can afford a cake for that price why would you do it?

What kind of values are we passing on to our children, when we spend lavishly on a birthday party? To be honest, I do not think most of the parents have the money to spend on these parties, but they want to look like good parents by giving their children the “best” of everything.

We destroy our children by giving into their every whim. Parents need to stop this nonsense and learn how to say no. Growing up we heard NO more than Yes. We got to get back to bringing up Godly children by teaching them the value of money and life. Children are our future. What every happen to a birthday party at McDonald or Burger King? I didn't even realize this was going on until my daughter informed me of it. Again I am behind on alot of things. The rest of the article here.........