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I was raised in the construct of the black community church, and shall never forget it. 'Oakey Grove Baptist Church', Ashford Alabama and 'First Missionary Baptist Church', Dothan Alabama.  

The Black Church has historically been a source of hope and strength for the African American community. That's the kind of church I'm trying to pay homage to with this blog.

For that reason, this blog ("The old black church") is not an evangelistic tool that can or should be used to try and lead anyone to Christ.  The blog was not designed, nor is its aim, goal, intent or purpose to take on such a huge task as that, especially through someone who is not called to such a task as that.

This is a PERSONAL opinion blog of one person ME, MYSELF, and I. You the READER are invited by all means and encouraged to dialog on, speak on, and on any post that I have posted on the blog. There are some things that I stand firm on and believe in, here are some:  (1) The Bible is true? (2) God is real? (3) Jesus Christ is, God's son? (4) Jesus is the only way to heaven. I believe all this to be true.  I understand that not everyone believes this, and I respect that more than you might ever know.

 However, please don't come into my comment section trying to debate "MY" position on those things that I deem important to me.  If you, the reader doesn't agree with the blog’s point of view, then by all means be respectful and keep it moving.

Last but not least, folks ask all the time, why I don't post scriptures with ever BLOG POST? Why, when it's  OBVIOUSLY, SCRIPTURE doesn't MATTER  to today's  "CHURCH" who APPLAUD, PROMOTE, and DEFEND church FOOLISHNESS!

Update: Once again this is a personal blog, which means this blog represents my personal opinion about matters in the church, world, and community.  This blog is not a news source, let me repeat, one more time this blog is not a news source, if you see something on here that you might have questions about, then by all means do your own research. GOOGLE IS A GREAT PLACE TO START. 


  1. Good Morning from Germany,Mrs.Brock.What happened to " The Amen Corner" Portion of your blog????

    Charles Gooden

  2. I removed it do I need to add it back?

  3. Mrs. Brock do you know what happened to Lynn with Hick Town Blog?

    1. No I didn’t know that she was no longer blogging.

  4. I just want to say that I appreciate reading your articles. they confirm a lot of what it is real, namely that the vast percentage of the church world has gone to the dogs. As I read the article on Copeland and his new jet, I couldn't get mad because somebody is supporting him, enabling him to be able to do this. It's amazing to me that when these mega churches and this false prosperity movement are begging for monies, and beseeching you to sow your financial seeds and trying to engage you in all the other financial shenanigans ie. first fruit offerings, etc. that they come up with, and folks willingly and ignorantly yield to it. The word said they would. They beg for your hard earned monies to buy expensive, jets, homes, vacations, elite school for their kids, etc. and folks just pour out their last for them. And then you got the little local churches within their communities that try to serve as a beacon of light, provide much needed services ie. assistance with your utilities, food, assistance with rent, etc. if they ask you for a donation to keep the lights on, etc. then they are labeled as begging and then they wanna find another church. SMH!!! What once was a beacon of hope, and a source of strength for our communities have become hot ghetto mess outlets for folks to showcase everything from cars to hats to clothes to shoes, YOU NAME IT!! God is not pleased with the church and at the appointed time there will be judgement, mark my words! It's time that the lay members start a "Me Too" movement, one that echos that you too can be blessed with the same means and riches that are enabling these pulpit pimps to. Nowhere in the Holy Word of God does it say or even hint that these clowns are justified in their actions. They have taken the word and twisted it to their advantage and sold it to you under the spirit of sympathy and pity. Somebody please read Jeremiah the 23rd chapter, and stop saying that was for then. The word is for yesterday, today and forevermore. The church has become a swap meet, a flea market, an infomercial, a buy one get one free, etc. and to few are standing up and calling it out. When Jesus combined those cords together and went thru the temple and started beating out those that sold and were making merchandise, it clearly showed disapproval. If it was unacceptable then, it still is now. note, after he got rid of the madness that was taking place, he then did what was supposed to be happening all along in the church. Matthew 21: 14, then the true purpose of the church began to unfold, healing took place, miracles took place, souls were saved, people were rejoicing at the move of God, children were praising God, wonderful things were taking place, people had hope and true purpose again. That's what it's all about! John Knox was feared by the Queen of England, not for his materialism, and finances, but she feared him more than all the armies of England for the prayers he prayed. It's funny that fads come and go, but there are 2 that have yet to vanish completely. Saggin Pants and the Prosperity Ministry!! Both working deception

  5. I can I pitch value based film and TV projects to your site?

  6. Re: William Granny McFraud III

    Some one came for you in the comments section of Granny's illiterately written blog concerning Matthew Stevenson. We here at Granny Exposed would like to point out that William Granny McFraud III has NO ROOM to talk about Dr. Stevenson .. you want tea .. follow me ..

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    1. Anonymous I don't have a problem with William McCray and how he run his blog. I'm well aware that the trolls go to his blog to write trash about me, I don't give a rat butt to tell you the truth. They mad because I refuse to allow them to post their hate in my comment section, so what do they do they take their balls in their hand and go to William's blog to pout. HAHAHA!


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