Answer to The Black Church Quiz!

The quiz is here:  

1). Honor
2). Head
3). House
4). Mighty
5). Way
6). Grave
7). Good
8). Time
9). Good
10). Bridge
11). Motherless
12). Father
13). Fatherless
14). Sickroom
15). Lawyer
16). Lily
17). Shining
18). Sunday
19). Power
20). Hands
21).  Stronger
22).  Bulletins
23). Announcements
24). Requests
25). Hip
26). Offerings
27). Building
28). Anniversary
29). Usher
30). Sanctuary
31). Service
32). Chicken
33). A plate
34) . Choir
35).  Bake
36). Convention
37). Mindful
38). Bible
39). Registered 
IF YOU MISS MORE THAN 3 YOU NEED TO BE IN CHURCH THIS WEEKEND ~ Put GOD in the center of your life and everything will come together.


  1. And if you miss none of them, you better HOPE you get to church ASAP! We all fall short, but we may fall a lot SHORTER if we choose to believe His Word! He exalts the humble, and brings the proud to nought. He will humble you either way. Least painful option? Humble YOURSELF before He does!!! Worst case scenario? As pride goes before a fall, so a fall before a decision as a righteous man to get back up. Choose your path wisely, we do NOT have much time!

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