Why The Black Church Community Still Enabling R.Kelly???

Online congregation one of gospel music's leading performers, Earnest Pugh, who stepped down from his megachurch position to pursue a new philanthropic initiative two years ago, got some pushback over a post he posted to social media dealing with R.Kelly. Now I’m kind of annoyed at his video response. The clip he posted was from some years ago. Church, let’s learn to do more than just pray.  Let's put sexual predators in jail where they belong. I don't care if it’s the Bishop, head deacon, minister president, adjutant........ I DONT CARE! Stop hiding this mess! Stop letting this get by with a, “I’m praying for you.” Yea you can pray, but pray for him/her (because there are some hers out there) while they are locked away. (Facebook comment)


  1. There is power in prayer!

    1. Yes, their is power in prayer, but if it’s not backed up with actions it can be futile.

      And clearly this prayer didn’t work for R. Kelly. Because his behavior hasn’t changed at all.

  2. I remember the clip as I watched it live on The Word Network. I don't think it done that much good. With all of the stuff he has supposedly done to these women and young girls, he still has a fan base (although it has weakened). Black folk will flock to his concerts because they like his music. Christians, however, are called to stray away from his music and not be of the world. Yes, I also agree that the church has enabled him since he produced some of the top hits by Gospel artists. He should have been cancelled at least at decade ago, but he has sway over our U.S. judicial system. I would tell believers to stop listening to his music and going to concerts period. I would extend this recommendation to ALL secular music. There is enough Christ-centered music which edifies the body (Not a lot of music, but those artists true to the anointing of the Holy Spirit in their lives).

  3. Not only are some pastors and churches enabling R. Kelly, they are actively promoting him.

    This on stage prayer stunt was just to show the people “he’s alright now, he is one of us”. So that they could use his talents. if they truly wanted to help,they would have gotten him some SERIOUS counseling and/or therapy to deal with his demons.

    When most artist (both gospel and secular) wouldn’t touch R.Kelly, Marvin (franchise) Sapp decided to cozy up to him in the studio and make an album. His reason, He thought the message the song portrayed was more important than the Messenger.

    Now here we are several months after the song came out and NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT THE SONGS IMPACT or it’s “MESSAGE”.

    The whole message that this collaboration sends is that Marvin Sapp is willing to work with pedophiles to make a buck.

    It’s clear to me some gospel artist are no different than their secular counterparts. They will do anything and everything to promote Themselves to make a buck.

  4. Miss Ann,

    The problem is saints are tasked to pray for people who have no intention of turning away from sin; but have every intention to stay relevant to collect $$$!


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