What In The World Did Pastor Jamal Bryant Just Come For Minister Louis Farrakhan???

Lord have mercy online congregation Pastor Jamal Bryant has gone and pissed off some in the Nation of Islam with a comment he made during a Saturday interview with Dr. Dharius Daniel. (You Can See That Here) Pastor Bryant is not one to shy away from any disagreement, dispute, argument, debate, dissension, contention, disputation, altercation, or controversy. His response to the misunderstanding is below.  He said one of the first questions that he had to answer in his new church was are you going to invite The Honorable Louis Farrakhan to this church? Much love and respect go to Dr. Jamal Bryant for clarifying the remarks he made concerning the Minister and the Nation of Islam. Minister Demetric Muhammad, an assistant to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan wrote an open letter to Pastor Bryant.


  1. Im not “pro” Jamal Bryant by any means namely because of doctrinal, theological, and personal lifestyle issues in and out the pulpit. But I do believe we can glean from some of the things he has mentioned.

    Mohammed’s Mosque Number 11 will NEVER EVER have a Christian preacher in their pulpit. EVER! That goes for the National of Islam, and all Sunni and Shite Mosque worldwide. This is namely because the Christian doctrine is NOT what they preach teach or follow. Kudos to them for loving their doctrine (although false) so much that they don’t want it tainted by another belief.

    That said, every Christian church needs to guard their pulpits exactly the same way. This is not being mean spirited but for the protection of the sheep. Our pulpits need to be 100% Christian based, centered, and focused on Jesus and no other god and if a Christian church shares its pulpit with another religion and openly agree with whatever comes out the mouth of said non Christian, YOU ARE NO LONGER A CHURCH.

    I do agree that there is nothing wrong with both religions or any religions meeting on neutral grounds NOT for the purpose of conversion but for the purpose of other common goals (namely community betterment and learning how to live with each other from a positive standpoint).

    Bottom line, I often wonder how many African Americans that are currently alive and go to church will make it to heaven? I’m not being funny. I say that because when I look at what’s crept in to the African American Church (false doctrine, actor/super stars preaching, secular music being sung during praise and worship time, the open acceptance and participation of non Christian eastern religions, sermons crafted and the name of Jesus is not even mentioned, I wonder how in the world are some of these churches going to make it into the Kingdom. It’s a sad state! Granted, millions and billions of blacks will be in heaven…(Im really being funny and just making a point)…but I just wonder from the “modern church age” black Pastors are making it increasingly hard for folk to get to heaven namely because they don’t guard their pulpit!

    Sigh, I digress and am typing way too much……..bottom line, it should remain a NO to Farrakhan preaching at any Christian church until he drops Islam.


    1. Christian Pentecostal Happy New Year to you, I totally get what you are saying and agree 100% with you, I also get what Pastor Bryant was trying to say. This was incredibly articulated well beyond measure. As I was watching the clip it spoke volume for me, we have to come together as one and take the mantel of Christ back to our people and our community. Until all the families of the earth is blessed! He said a mouthful.

    2. Happy New Year Mrs Ann and I totally agree with you as well........

  2. Amen Christian Pentecostal!! We'll said, Well written! So few are standing for the truth and standards of God and it saddens my heart. Many churches are nothing but money making business ventures for selfish purposes. I wish I could meet you, but I'll see you in heaven. Shalom!

  3. There are some in the Mosque that came from the church does he believe they are going back?��Like it was said they was never in the Mosque in the first place. We believe in Freedom Justice and Equality in Islam. The first word is freedom and if they would like to go back to the church they are free to go.��

  4. Miss Ann,

    The subtleness of the enemy always rears its head (pun intended).

    Bryant is NOT the best example of a man living according to the precepts of God. Islam and living according to the precepts of God are ALWAYS contrary.

    With that said, the enemy fools the world with this trick question which involves civil rights movement in the subconscious of many. Once Bryant says no to Farrakhan, he (Bryant) negates Farrakhan’s civil rights activities to which himself (Bryant) subcribes to. Approar!

    All the above is for fame and causing division among believers.

    IGNORE! And carry on.

    Nothing to see here


    1. Shepherd I agree with you Pastor Bryant is not the best example of a man living according to the precepts of GOD. But I do agree with Pastor Bryant.....for me I saw his comment about the Muslims as a compliment to their alliance to their faith.....I wasn't aware that he was that he was the only Christian speaker at the Million man march, I didn't know that.

  5. Farrakhan is a friend to many pastors, such as Rev. Clay Evans.

  6. This going to be a tough comment for me to write.

    If you’ve seen ANY of my post on this blog you know how much distain I have for Jamal as a pastor, church leader, father and role model.

    But he was absolutely correct in not allowing a non-believer to preach in a Christian Church. And he didn’t need to explain himself that deep either.
    The church is Christian, he’s not. End of discussion.

    Also, in the first minute or two of his interview on the topic of theological education, Jamal was on point when he stated that

    “Church pastors are the only people deemed professionals with no training”
    (I would even add that some pastors are the only ones allowed to call themselves Doctors with no eduction)

    Some of the other subjects he mentioned I hadn’t researched or just don’t interest me.

    But I agree with Jamal on this subject.

    Ann, you might want to print this out and frame it. Because this may be the ONLY TIME that I give Jamal credit TWICE in one post.

    1. Hahah Cop you are so right, you have never ever given this much credit to Pastor Bryant. You sure you Ok? In all seriousness I to agree with Pastor Bryant statements in the interview. I appreciate his open response back to the Nation of Islam not because he had to but for unity sake.

    2. @Cop LOVE IT!!!! Your on point brother. And to add to that, yea I say its the African American black pastor that runs a muck with all these titles such as Doctor and have no education (and Im sure some whites too) and the people not only embrace this, they use these titles as a tool of social status and rankings within the African American church where people no longer just want to be a preacher, but they strive to keep climbing "title ladders" which is how we end up with 21 year old Bishops with no one to oversee and Doctor Ambassador Bishop Elects with absolutely NO CHURCH to pastor........

      Utter stupidity.....

    3. "print this out and frame it"? really? joking or not, it ain't that serious bro. just make your point and keep steppin'.

    4. Clearly I was joking

      I apologize if you didn’t get it.
      It was more between Ann & I.

  7. I'm not a great fan of Jamal, but he certainly spoke the ABSOLUTE TRUTH regarding the black church

    1. Jamaal can't talk NOTHING about the state of the BLACK Church, because HE is a BIG PART of the PROBLEMIC STATE OF THE BLACK CHURCH - his lies, his adultery, his fornication, his bad doctrine, his social gospel! All he did here was merely give his OPINION that many here must just so happen to agree with. The Bible says about "opinions" -

      “For many are deceived by their own vain opinion; and an evil suspicion hath overthrown their judgment.”

      Who cares about his bitter sweet words saying "Church pastors are the only people deemed professionals with no training”. Many Church Pastors have formal education. When it all boils down, many whom Jesus called were not "educated". A lot of what Jesus taught had to do with leaders knowing his commands, studying to show themselves approved, and teaching HIS DOCTRINE correctly. The LORD stressed his leaders (and his people) should be men of integrity, valor and character. I wonder why Jamaal never mentioned in his interview about the godly lifestyle these men should possess.

      And when speaking about ABSOLUTE TRUTH, "Jesus said "I am the way, the TRUTH, and the light." Jamaal does not preach GOSPEL as the TRUE JESUS taught. You want ABSOLUTE TRUTH, preach JESUS ABSOLUTELY! Jamaal and ABSOLUTE TRUTH do not belong in the same sentence.

      All of us need to be careful when we discern fools like these. We should ascertain so to withdraw praising them too highly. The LORD encourages us "Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience."

      Grow man Jamaal advising an about trading pulpit with Louis the "minister" is HILARIOUS! My advice to all is... "Be like TWEET, leave this SUCKA be".


    2. Please make no mistake. I agree with you.

      Jamal should NEVER HAVE BEEN or BE ALLOWED to pastor a church.

      He has disqualified himself several times over in multiple areas of his life.

      And he knows better than to even mention anything regarding integrity, valor and character. Done of which he exhibits.

      However, I still believe he spoke some truth (I can’t believe I am lightly defending Jamal “child support” Bryant 😳)

      But the bottom line is one you stated. Leave and STAY FAR AWAY from this train wreck of a pastor.


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