What Are Your Thoughts On Giving January Salary As First Fruit?

Online congregation once again Donald Trump's Spiritual Adviser Paula White and Bishop-elect Juanita Bynum are both running the "First Fruits" hustle again this year......the first fruit hustle is the planting of seed into God good soil for supernatural prosperity, riches, wealth and abundance to receive new year blessings in abundance. A lot of churches get over on people who don't read their bibles with this "first fruits" hustle. Check out the posts below:


  1. Miss Ann,

    First fruits in the bible connote to the harvest and NOT $$$. If everyone understands this, the rest falls into place.

    Otherwise these ladies just want to keep up with the Grays and Yohe on the Lamborghini and red bottoms respectively.

  2. I'd rather give my first fruits to support Donald Trump for another term than to these two any day!

  3. More like first theft of the year.

    Both of these women
    Juanita “Not the Doctor” Bynum” and
    Paula “First fruits”White
    have had all kinds of church management issues.

    Both have completely walked away from churches they led,

    and both have seriously flawed theology that doesn’t line up with scripture.

    If your like most people (in terms of finances) I would suggest you NEVER give any organization you entire salary for a month.
    Especially to people with suspect financial practices.

    And as always.
    Bynum is NOT a doctor.

  4. I think it is EXTREMELY irresponsible, predatory, and immoral for a church to ask its members to turn over a full month's salary to them. The majority of tithing church goers are middle class Americans who cannot afford to give away a month's salary to anyone. Most people don't even have a month's salary in savings!!

    Regular local churches, which are way more reputable, have ALWAYS galvanized to come through for each other in the time of need. It's to stay away from these new mega churches and their schemes.

  5. I have given a week's salary a few times in the past, but I no longer do this. I recognized the giving for what it was: a opportunity for a church/ministry to fortify their budget or use the $ for a specific project. In the case of Bynum and White, I would NEVER have given a week's salary to them because of their questionable financial management issues (not to mention theological matters).

    I think the bigger question is HOW and WHY did the church get to this point? Decades ago, pastors/ministers did not beg, prod, threaten or use the current tactics that are being used to influence people to give. The biggest tactic is to tell people how "sowing" will unlock some special blessing for them such as prosperity ("You're going to be a millionaire!"), jobs, healing, salvation of family, etc. Many a lie is being told in the name of Jesus to motivate people to give! Some people feel they can use God as a Genie or Santa to give them whatever their heart desires because the MOG or WOG promised they would get "XYZ" if they "sowed".

    WHY ARE THESE TACTICS NECESSARY NOW? Is it because the pastors/ministers have a "big vision" that exceeds their finances? Are they mismanaging the finances? Are the saints not tithing and giving offerings? Are the pastors/ministers heaping up the money for themselves?

    It IS more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35). II Corinthians 9 (emphasis vs 6-8) teaches about giving. One of my pet peeves is that NO ONE teaches I Timothy 6:6-11 Godliness With CONTENTMENT. It seems the church has APPEALED TO the covetous hearts of people by telling them, "if you give, you'll get MORE of (fill in the blank)" rather than teach about CONTENTMENT. Philippians 4:19 God has promised to provide for our needs. We don't have to go along with a gimmicks.

  6. I have been fortunate and have been able to give a lot of money--giving all praises to God. I'm sure there will be those who will disagree with me and/or attack me, but I've given up giving my tithes only to my church very long ago. I still tithe, (in my own mind anyway) and give even more, to a variety of organizations that I have very carefully researched, (to make sure that the majority of my contribution is going to the cause--80% or higher), and that promotes the good works of the Lord--at least in my mind. Yes, my church receives a nice portion of my giving but it doesn't get anywhere near it at all to the consternation of my Pastor. Oh, well...

    I fully understand that tithing is the means by which a church covers its obligations, grows, and hopefully does the work of the Lord too. But, I disagree with how my church uses money. I feel that there are greater needs elsewhere and that my contributions could have a greater impact and promote the Lord's work more effectively.

    1. Wow, EXPOSED!. I give the majority of my tithe to my church, but like you, I also give to several organizations that are feeding the hungry and clothing the naked, as well as other ministries. It's God's money and I feel he does not have a problem with me doing this.

  7. First of all, not to be Judgemental, these women are definitely out of order. The Bible speaks against Women Pastors/Bishop's in Timothy 2:11..Jesus set an order in the church. So, they're disobedient. They need to repent and sit down. There is a difference in Daughter's of God "prophesying" which only means to speak on something forth coming.
    Secondly, in Malachi 3:8-10 giving the first 10 percent of our earnings is the tithe, not the WHOLE SALARY, NOT in JANUARY not ever.
    People better learn to get in their Bibles. In Timothy, it says to "STUDY" and show THYSELF approved.

  8. For what for them to huge shopping. I would bring APPLE ORANGES,GRAPEFRUITS, GRAPES, OF COURSE I WOULD.

    THIS Missionaries, Pastor & Bishops wives take your money buy St John's, Hats, and will not speak.

    Sorry I am a PK, I worked hard to afford that down through the Years. I think everyone needs a 9 to 5.

    Offering is for light,rent on Church Tithing for peoples when they cant afford
    Fifth Sunday is for wife
    3 or 4 for Salary Pastor.

    O its changes

    White Church helps peoples.


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