The Gospel And Church Connection To R&B Singer R. Kelly, We Were Warn Years Ago About This Dangerous Connection!

Good Saturday morning online congregation, R&B Singer R.Kelly is today's buzzword. This R Kelly special "Surviving R. Kelly" which aired part 2 on the lifetime network last night is, in my opinion, a great example of why we who hold up the Christian banner should NOT entertain secular music and their artists. The lyrics and music might seem harmless but the spirit behind it is what kills. They are now claiming in the special that R Kelly used his music as a seducing agent to seduce kids. Back in the day in his music, he called himself the “pied piper” to me that's a red flag. The pied piper in fairy tales was the guy with the music/ flute that led the children away.

Pastor G.Craig Lewis talked about in one of his many videos about scoffers and how they would promote the agenda of Satan while masquerading as ministers and preachers of the gospel.  Pastor G Craig Lewis spoke out when Bishop Marvin Sapp did a collaboration with R. Kelly: 

The bible says that in the end times, scoffers would come. Men that appear to teach God's word but secretly they are aligned with people that promote the devil's agenda and lead our very children to hell with their music. Marvin Sapp has always promoted artists that are perverted and promote evil. He is supposed to be a "Bishop" yet his desire for fame must be greater than his desire to stand against the sinfulness of the artists he collaborates with. He recently recorded with R. Kelly and now he is promoting Teyana Taylor, who is filthy and vile in her music. 

COGIC Bishop Harvey Burnett is another watchman on the wall who tried to warn us in some of his blog posts about R.Kelly:

R. Kelly has spread his musical "talents" all across the music industry. The so-called Gospel Music Industry has been and is a ripe field of activity for secular singers. From the recent acceptance of Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. aka Snoop Dogg as another of its action gospel music heroes, it seems that sentiments along the lines that secular artists are welcome icons of the singing Gospel, are not soon to pass or go away. Looking back, it was R Kelly that produced a host of songs sang by gospel and secular artists alike that the church embraced and even fully adopted. Nearly everyone remembers "Look to you" sang by the late Whitney Houston, which was an anthem some say dedicated to the Lord. Then there was the inspirational "I believe I can fly" a song that gained popularity from a children's movie called "Space Jam", also hailed as a gospel anthem at one point. Then there was Kirk Franklin's "Lean On Me" which was presented during a time when R. Kelly was actually on stage "pretending" to be repentant. The presentation of Kelly to the Gospel audience took place right on top of his alleged sexual abuse and seduction of underaged and teenaged girls.
In my opinion, R. Kelly actually used his music to tell what he was doing to those young girls. If you listen to the lyrics. They were his muse. He was living in plain sight. What this does validate also is that the “love” of money is the root of evil. Adults sold their children, nieces, and alliance to Kelly for filthy monetary gain. And in a way, the folks from the church helped made stronger, reinforced and solidify Kelly.


  1. These pastors should be calling out their own. Predators in the church use these same seduction practices to prey on victims within the body of Christ. There's never been any doubt in my mind that R. Kelly is a pedophilloic sexual deviant. However, the church has enough of its own pedophilloic sexual deviance that it should be addressing. And it has nothing to do with listening to secular music. Some of the biggest predators in the church sing nothing but gospel and preach all types of holiness or hell.

  2. I’m not a kelly fan nor follow his music. However I hear all the stories and rumors and yet he’s not arrested and jailed! How does that work? If he’s doing illegal activities with underage girls and it’s against the law, why isn’t he in jail?! Could it be that he’s innocent and not guilty of what everyone says he is? Think about it folks! Think!

    1. Because he's messing with underaged girls. Satan wants PEDOPHILIA. Had it been grown women he harrassed, METOO would have got him! We better wake up to the devil's scheme.

  3. “I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night: ye that make mention of the Lord, keep not silence,”
    ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭62:6‬

  4. Well it all started with the sexual revolution. Obama's push for homosexuality opened the doors for Transgenderism. Not to forget the NAMBLA folks who propose for rights for sex between adult and child. This stuff is way bigger than R Kelly. What's sickening is his ties to Christianity so to put God in the midst of this mess. God is not mocked. He will burn all this mess in the fire.

  5. Ms. Ann, did you know that Twitter has banned "misgendering" and "deadnaming" (ie can't call Katlin Jenner by his original name Bruce Jenner), but have allowed known pedophiles to have accounts?

  6. I'm a pastor, who just starting I want to tell the truth about the order in out churches. Pastor G craige Lewis come straight from the bible , You like or You don't . The bible say people will dis like You when You stand up for the truth. Money how he's getting away with it. Stop talking up for him.


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