Look at what God has done at the Church of God in Christ.

Good Sunday morning online congregation, Five-time NBA champion Magic Johnson preached a New Year's Eve message at West Angeles Church of God in Christ. The Hall-of-Fame former point guard, who is now the Lakers' president, shared a hopeful message, titled “Getting Ready for Your Miracle,” for the new year with those in attendance. Before getting into his sermon, Johnson honored Bishop Charles Blake, the leader of the Los Angeles, Calif. based church. The 59-year-old athlete turned businessman then read from 2 Kings 4:8-17, which is the story about the Shunammite’s son who was restored to life and shared about his own life.


  1. Yes, we can now put ANYONE in the pulpit to preach.....ESPECIALLY one who donates MILLIONS to the church and pushes the LGBT agenda acceptance to the church. You might not agree with ole' Earl Carter, but he has said it ALL ALONG about West Los Angeles and their Bishop. How much is the doggie in the window (or rather, the Bishop?)

    1. I was blessed listening to Earvin Magic Johnson bring the word of hope for 2019! No comment on the Lakers but I love this man! (Always have). In this day of celebrity worship it is beautiful to hear a celebrity worshipping our Lord.

  2. And Magic Johnson or his wife never tarried for the Holy Ghost. They never spoke in tongues as the Spirit of God gave utterance. He ain't even saved. He should never have been in the pulpit preaching. He has no anointing at all.

  3. Miss Ann,




    A perfect example of an ungodly man creeping in unawares with strange doctrine (Jude 1:4)

    1. LOL..

      Love the Bible verse.

      I knew when he said "sometimes in order to get your MIRACLE you got to get rid of some old friends", he had the sheeple hooked then. They would be ready to be slaughtered at his altar.

      Just that trigger word "MIRACLE" would set them on FIRE!!!


  4. Ann this seems odd to me considering he has admitted that he contracted AIDS by cheating on his wife with multiple women. The guy could definitely play ball but he is not someone I’d consider to be a man of virtue, that's my opinion.

  5. Magic Johnson has a wonderful testimony of healing.

  6. I didn't even need to listen to it, to know it's about prosperity, name it claim it, get my blessing, etc. Can we please bring back preaching that spoke of holiness, repentance, sin, hell, judgment, the cross, baptism, the Holy Ghost, sanctification, etc??? PLEASE?!?


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