Joyce Meyer Says Her Views on Prosperity and Faith ‘Got Out of Balance’ With What the Bible Says👄

Online congregation I'm not a fan of Joyce Meyer teaching, but I will always have respect for someone that can say "I got it wrong." Especially someone with such a wide audience as she has. It takes a lot of boldness to say it in front of that many people.

Joyce Meyer has posted a surprising video on Instagram where she seems to walk back some prosperity gospel and “word of faith” theology. In the clip, she flatly says, “I’m glad for what I learned about prosperity, but it got out of balance. I’m glad for what I learned about faith, but it got out of balance,” explaining, “every time someone had problems it was ‘cause they didn’t have enough faith.


  1. If she speaks of what was not right, she should then take the time to explain from the Bible WHAT IS RIGHT! And if she really wants to be serious, she should take 90% of the monies she took from those who supported her false teachings, and find a way to give it back.

    1. She has made millions off of her false gospel.

    2. Amen! @ 1st anonymous,

      Incidentally she has not declared the WORD of God as TRUTH and that it is by God’s precepts that we live!

      @2nd anonymous, the millions $$$ are proly drying up and she needs to come up with a new “sales pitch”.

  2. Word of Faith people must not have read or they ignore Hebrews 11:36-40 and other parts of the Bible. They had faith and look what they got.

    1. They do read the WORD and selectively pick out what can increase $$$ in the plates.

  3. This is a good starting point, but I am going need a whole lot more before I can take her off my Pulpit-pimp list.

  4. Actually Joyce Meyers doesn't take a salary y'all. She makes a profit from selling books just like John Gray does. And she spends Millions on orphanages around the world,look it up, and feel free to contribute before you talk smack.


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