Jerry Falwell Jr. Can’t Imagine Trump ‘Doing Anything That’s Not Good For The Country’!!

Online congregation it’s interesting how the “Christian Right” is more than happy to impose conservative morality and values on the government until it hits their pockets. Then the explicit teachings of Jesus become a “distortion” that can be ignored. It’s unsettling how smug and comfortable he is with saying this. My granddaughter goes to a K-college evangelical Christian school, and, they wouldn’t dare say anything like this out loud. I’m positive they think it, because...white supremacy, but there’s just something about vocalizing all of this that makes it much more sinister. These people are evil. It’s a shame they hijacked Christianity to do all of this. Ugh.


  1. Is there anything President Trump could do that would endanger the support from you or other evangelical leaders?

    What a shallow and meanliness question!

    1. Haha Jerry just proved what’s wrong with our country. Inability to discern. White evangelical have gotten their noses so far up 45 butt that it's not even funny. Ain't nothing in the world like a right wing Christin. because God only belongs to them , and white America. or so they claim .

    2. The question is shallow. First of all, Farwell does not speak for other evangelical leaders. So for a question by a professional to pose such a question is idiotic. Secondly, to ask in generality if there is "anything" Trump could do is totally insane and not thought out at all.

      I hear you Ann. White evangelicals think God only belongs to them. They you got the Black Hebrew Israelites who believes the Jews (God's chosen) are the Black race ONLY. What a shame!

  2. So he was asked
    “What about him exemplifies Christianity and earns him your support?”

    And his answer was, he is a good business man?!?!

    (Without mentioning his 4 or more bankruptcies that prove he’s NOT a good Business man)

    You know your grasping for straws when “because he is a good business man” is the first AND ONLY Christian character that you can link with Trump.

    So there is absolutely NOTHING that would cause him to turn on Trump.
    I guess Trump was right when he said he could shoot someone and not lose any votes. That type of dedication should only be reserved for Jesus.

    1. Cop Falwell is such a idiot.

    2. Exactly!! And when has being a good business man become exemplary of a good Christian? The evangelicals have lost all credibility. Not because they all agree with Trump, but because NONE of them ever speak out against his hateful rhetoric.

    3. Exactly. Christ said to be good evangelical Christian, one must do as Christ did and speak against hateful rhetoric of the world leaders.



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