It's Been Alleged That A Child Has Been RAPED At Progressive Baptist Church, Brooklyn NYC.

Online congregation this is a developing story.....forget hashtag#survingRKelly what about hashtag #survingthechurch? Crap like this has been going on for years and it needs to be addressed. Kudos and high five to the lady in the video below, whose 14 year old sister in law, has been raped by her father who is a pastor for years. Her sister inlaw was not a fast little girl, she did not know what to expect, she was someone who trusted her father and he was a predator who raped his daughter in church since she was 8 years of age. The church is  "Progressive Baptist Church" in Brooklyn NYC.


  1. This is horrible. More pastors will be exposed for the monsters they truly are this year. More to come.

  2. Not all churches are bad. It's bad these things occur. But she is way too emotional when speaking as if all churches have this problem.

    1. It's not a church issue BUT an issue. Unfortunately incidents like this occur much more than any of us are willing to admit and/or acknowledge. If not a father molesting a child, it's an uncle, cousin, or brother, etc. Why do you think that the "Me Too" movement resonated with SO many women? This type of molestation is even written in our culture. I recall reading a James Baldwin book LONG ago where the father was about to rape his daughter and the thoughts that were going through his head; (paraphrase) "A father wants to be the one to introduce his daughter to sex..."--something like that. And then, you have the famous quote by the Sophia character in book/film "The Color Purple": "All my life I had to fight. I had to fight my daddy. I had to fight my brothers. I had to fight my cousins and my uncles. A girl child ain’t safe in a family of men. But I never thought I’d have to fight in my own house."

    2. The #METOO movement is a JOKE! Even though the movement was founded by a black woman to givr marginalized women of color a voice, the elite had another use for it. They hijacked this woman's idea, and used it to reward a bunch of mostly lying white women to give them a national platform to tell their stories how "strong imaged" men molested them years and years before. These devils had a two fold purpose in mind 1) to empower women though victimization 2) to deem the strong trait of "masculinity" as something as being toxic. It was no accident strong imaged men like Charlie Rose, Bill Cosby, John Conyers, etc were their molester poster boys Of course they threw in stragglers like that Harvey Weinstat fellow.

      If #METOO was really a legit movement, stories like the one here would have made their national stage (ABC, NBC, CBS Washington Post. NY Times, etc). Instead this story was only able to be known only through social media with a ranting uncontrollably.

      Fact of the matters is as you said the one time I agree with you, there ARE many cases where fathers molest their own daughters. This occurs in black and white families, inside and outside " churches". These incidences will never get the classic "#METOO" exposure because these stories are not worthy enough to fit into their agenda. Its ashame how the devil uses acts of sexual abuse and rape to manipulate the masses. The devil is out to destroy all in all the ways he can.

      "Stop the #METOO madness!!!"

    3. Actually, this story has made national news. But the real issue here is perverted pedophiles and sexual predators hiding in plain sight and behind prestigious titles. If the #METOO movement has inspired just one abuse victim to speak out, then it's very legitimate. I welcome any method/platform of exposure as these monsters need to be stopped by any means necessary.

  3. This story did NOT air nationally. I hate to divert my comment, but I give no credit to #METOO at all. #METOO is a crooked movement that should inspire no one. It is a movement designed for women to blackmail and extort men.

    Truth of the matter is when it comes to sex, "many men will have sex simply because it's available — in other words, because they can. Women on the other hand generally have sex for a different reason: Either they want love and think sex is the way to get it, or they seek power. Both quickly learn that neither comes without serious ramifications.”

    This whole deification of METOO is simply garbage. It does not tell the whole story. "Women's bodies are steeped in oxytocin and estrogen, two chemicals that together produce an environment ripe for attachment. Oxytocin causes a woman to bond with the person with whom she’s intimately engaged. It also acts as a gauge to help her determine whether or not she should trust the person she’s with. Men have oxytocin, too, but a smaller amount. They’re more favored with testosterone — which controls lust, not attachment. That’s why women, not men, wait by the phone the next day after a one-night stand. When a woman has sexual contact of any kind, it’s an emotional experience, whether she intends it to be or not. The moment touch occurs, oxytocin gets released and the attachment process begins. It just doesn’t happen the same way for men."

    These METOO women should not be looked upon as role models. I won't be surprised if many of them are still using their bodies as a tool for power and control. If they are harassed or raped, they will never tell because many will give them a side-eye for allowing this to happen to them again.

    This situation where this father molested his own daughter (allegedly) doesn't need the evil METOO to stand on its own. Just My 2 Cents.

  4. The story did make national news.


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