Is Minister Louis Farrakhan Trying To Merge Islam And Scientology?

Good Friday morninig online congregation, last night I watched the Scientology Aftermath show about the connection between the Nation of Islam and Scientology. I found this article that talks about the connection.  They also mentioned that Scientology has been reaching out to black churches as well.  Anyone have any experience/knowledge of this?


  1. Wasn’t it rumored a few months ago that he had supposedly become a Christian?

    Now he’s merging Scientology and Islam.

    He may dabble in some other religions but I seriously doubt he’ll ever leave Islam.

  2. This is old news. His ploy to align with Scientology is a money making scheme. He calls white folks the devil. Now he collaborate with the devil for his own good. Says a lot about this "minister", huh?

  3. Idiots... Want truth? Then ask someone affiliated.


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